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9 Charts – What Interests People Who Count Down To Something?

Mar 24, 2017 | interesting | 0 comments

Did you know that people seem to await spring much more than the summer? Or that it seems that people simply can’t wait for Christmas as it gets closer? Or that people in March 2015 were interested in how many days left until Easter roughly at the same level as they were interested in how many days left until the new Star Wars movie in December the same year?

I love data. One can derive so many interesting insights from it.

Google Trends and Google Correlate is an immensely useful data source, in my opinion. I often go there to take a look at related interest levels of certain search phrases. Since Timer & Timer is in the “Countdown Business” I thought I’d take a look at it to see what interesting things I could uncover. Let me show you a couple of interesting findings I had.

The interest levels for how many days left until Christmas

The interest levels for how many days left until spring

The interest levels the spring versus the summer on one chart

Who cares about winter?

It looks like that people can’t wait for the wedding in the summer?

Interestingly birthday related searches are recently getting more popular than weddings

I desperately tried to find a movie that supersedes the countdown for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but couldn’t

It seems like Star Wars almost matched the interest for Easter in 2015

The interest in events for the next year starts superseding the current year roughly at the same time during the year: end of October / beginning of November

I find these insights amusing and also useful for further development of Timer & Timer. Imagine for example that it could recommend you popular events depending on the interest levels. Would you follow those events then?

To see how much time left until your important events, please download the Timer & Timer iOS app. We have many ideas to improve it for you, and some of them are already in development. And of course, we’re always interested in your thoughts, how we could make it better for you. Thank you.



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