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5 Tips To Remember To Buy A Gift

Mar 19, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

“Oh my God. Amy’s birthday is in two days. I should have bought something for her already. Let’s look up what I can find on Amazon.” “Ah, our wedding anniversary is next week Tuesday. I almost forgot it. But I don’t really have the time to figure out what to buy. Next time I should put a reminder on my calendar.”

All of us have these problems. All of us would like to avoid the stress of buying a gift in a rush just because we forgot to do it in time. And all of us would like to avoid the awkward moment of handing it over knowing that it’s not true of the heart.

Facebook solved the problem of reminding us if a birthday or an anniversary is coming up, but the majority of us faces the problem of buying a present too late to act thoughtfully.

Here are a couple tips and tricks to remember to buy presents. Some of them include technology, some of them not. Let us show you what we think is the five best ways to act in time.

#1 Use a countdown app

Countdown apps are extremely efficient to remind us to buy gifts. And they do it in a non-obtrusive way on the subconscious level. Just looking at how much time is left until the big day, our brain reminds us that it’s time to think about buying a gift. This means that by looking at for example that there are 21 days left until John’s birthday, we immediately start thinking about what to buy for him. There are plenty of countdown timer apps out on the market. We recommend using Timer & Timer that can show you multiple different events at the same time. You can also configure in what format to display the remaining time. It’s currently available on iOS, but soon it will be available on Android too.

#2 Write the date on a note and put it somewhere visible

The age-old way of remembering things. You can always take a post-it note, write down the important date and put it somewhere visible. Apparently, this has some risks. You can get used to seeing the note and completely ignore it. And it’s easy to lose a piece of paper. The best thing to do is combine it with a digital note too and perhaps only use the sticky note when you’re getting close to the actual date. You could easily create a Trello board and write all the birthdays there.

#3 Set reminders in your calendar

It is very easy to create an event for the actual birthday in your calendar. You can even use Facebook for that. But to really remember to buy a gift you should set a reminder in time too. The default reminders are set for one day before, but if you really would like to buy a perfect present, we recommend you to set ones at 8, 6 and 4 weeks before the event. Most of the calendar apps make this possible. Here is an example how you can do it on Facebook.

#4 You have a gift idea, buy it immediately

This is a radical approach. In many situations you encounter something that you’d think would be the perfect present for someone. Let’s say you’re browsing Amazon or just the internet generally and stumble upon something great. To make sure you won’t forget it, buy it immediately. In this case, if the big day comes you will have a present at hand.

#5 Have a gift idea list and occasionally visit it

This is a combination of #3 and #4. But instead of keeping track of the dates, you can create an idealist. So whenever you have a gift idea, you could add it to this list. The important thing here is to mark when the birthday is. Otherwise, when you revisit the list, you won’t have any idea when you need to buy that. Trello is a good friend of yours in this case too. Many people use Pinterest boards and this way they combine the idea with an actual visualization.


You can use all of the above tricks separately or combined too. We recommend you to try out all of them and eventually you’ll see what works for you the best. Let us know what worked you the best. We’re curious 🙂


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